The first impression

“First impression is the last impression” is it so, I don’t think it like that personally speaking.

I’ve noticed a many times, people approaches to me with lot expectations, probably because I look quite scholar to them, I don’t know, am I smart have a little doubt in it too….

I’ve noticed it many times, when I met some stranger, I don’t know what happens to my body language, but really it goes in favour to many. People get prey of it irrespective of any age- group or sex. I sound very good to their receptive organs.

But twist in a situation comes when, when they spent time with me. Have you ever seen a melting ice cube ? How it melt at a room temperature, exactly in a same way I also start sounding very ordinary, naive.

I admit that, I get affected by the surrounding, my needs sometimes direct my action, I ‘PRETEND’ to be that, which I am not because of which I ruined up the things.

I know I am quite immature, I don’t know how to deal with the things logically and practically or I afraid to face failures. I don’t know how to take every vital aspects of life together.

And now, what I think to all above mentioned shortcomings is a that- be what you are, if you are lacking in some quality and if you really want that in you then work on it to have that instead of pretending to be the holder of that.